EsobellaEsobella is the 15 year old second daughter of King Hallory VIII and Queen Katalina of Pendland. Esobella loves and respects both of her parents but she has always felt a deeper bond with her father. King Hallory is affectionate and warm where Queen Katalina is stern and always pushing Esobella to remember her position and to put others first. At the beginning of the story, Esobella is very anxious at the prospect of leaving Pendland to marry the crown prince of Augustine, a neighboring country and Pendland’s ancient rival.  She is especially sad to be leaving her elder sister, Meri, the heir to the throne and her very pregnant mother.

Hallory King Hallory VIII has been the king of Pendland for nearly 20 years. He was never meant to be king and he has never forgotten that. If his elder brother, Arturo, hadn’t died, Hallory would not have inherited his title or his wife. Yet Hallory loves and reveres his queen, Katalina. Together they have brought peace and stability to Pendland and have spent many happy years together raising their children: eldest daughter, Meri and the twins, Esobella and Edouard. All that falls apart when their 13 year old son, Prince Edouard dies in a freak accident. Now Hallory has nothing but daughters left and is desperate to secure his dynasty by fathering a son. Queen Katalina is pregnant once more, but will this child be the son that he desperately needs?

KatalinaQueen Katalina is a popular Queen Consort who is much loved by the people of Pendland for her kindness, generosity and her obvious concern for their health and well being. She originally came from the Empire of Verula to marry the heir to the Pendlish throne, Prince Arturo, but he died while she was making her sea voyage. She was forced to marry his brother, Hallory and to her surprise she feel deeply in love. Katalina and Hallory have four children together, Meri, Edouard and Esobella, and Elfrida. Katalina’s greatest pain is her separation from her children. Edouard has unfortunately died and Hallory refuses to have Elfrida in Pendland. At the beginning of the story Katalina is pregnant once again with the child that she hopes will be the son her increasingly unhappy husband so desperately wants.

Meri Meri is the 19 year old heir to the throne. The happiest days of her life were spent at Chenoweth Hall, the royal nursery, with her younger twin siblings, Edouard and Esobella.  Meri was devastated when her brother died and is saddened to see her sister leaving to get married. Dutiful, brilliant and strong, Meri strives to always do her duty and to bring honor to both Pendland and to her royal parents.


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